Mud Australia and Lee Mathews introduce the Hive Vase

The vase you didn’t know you needed…

Introducing the Hive Vase. This new shape took form after our founder, Shelley Simpson, was inspired by Lee Mathews signature cocoon-shaped sleeves and dresses.  The vase flaunts an organic architecture with its dome silhouette, sturdy circular base and slight off-axis opening, which creates sculptural, floral arrangements with ease.

“I’ve been loving and wearing the Lee Mathews range for ages now and am particularly fond of the Cocoon Dress. Coincidentally, for a while now I’ve been thinking about the challenge of getting a natural floral arrangement within the confines of a symmetrical vase, especially if you’re not a professional floral arranger. After talking to Lee I had the idea of using the Cocoon Dress, with its off-centre sleeve, as a silhouette for a vase. The Hive Vase is the end result and it ties in beautifully with our offering. I’m very excited about this piece.” says Mud’s Founder and Designer Shelley Simpson

Hive Vase

For Lee Mathews, home has always been beneath the heart of her creative life. “Having an ever growing homewares component of the collection feels like a natural extension of the philosophy of the whole business. Making beautiful things with enduring materials and in collaboration with other gifted craftspeople brings a new perspective and life to everything we do”

The Hive Vase is available in two sizes across five colourways that align with the key palette found in Lee Mathew’s Resort 2022 Collection. The Hive Vase is available exclusively through Mud Australia, Lee Mathews and from 22nd of October 2021.

Carter Were’s Tomato and Bread Soup

Carter Were is a northern-rivers based cook, author and Mum of two. Her meals represent the joys of home cooking - fresh, vibrant and healthy foods that are as approachable and they are inspiring.  Carter shares with us her recipe for Tomato and Bread soup, captured on film, at home with her young family. Served perfectly in our Pebble Bowl medium in Duck Egg. For more of Carter's recipe's, or to pre-order her new cookbook…
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Introducing our Terrazzo Trivet Collection

“I really love the playfulness of terrazzo and I also love finding a useful and aesthetic home for our broken mud pieces, so this feels like a perfect fit. ” says Shelley Simpson, founder and designer of Mud Australia. Shop Terrazzo Trivets now Production images at Five Mile Radius, located near Brisbane. Image by Dan Mulheran. From its earliest use as an affordable way to use marble scraps in eighteenth-century Venice pavements, terrazzo has been…
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Visual Essay 07 by Saskia Wilson

For our latest visual essay, we invite Bondi-based photographer and educator Saskia Wilson to interpret our porcelain silhouettes. Wilson’s work is characterised by a reformed sense of balance, vibrancy, contemplation and authenticity. “I felt it was important to reduce the colours to a simple palette as a means of abstraction and to emphasise the ceramic shapes.” “My Grandma and Dad were both keen photographers, I was given my Grandma’s old SLR Yashica and fell in…
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Mud Dads – Fathers Day 2021

James Kirton, Director of Mud Australia "I love being a DAD because my children delight,  stimulate,  know,  challenge and Love, love, love me." "If I’m cooking, then it’s last meal territory and that means the best aged rib eye (or 2) we can find, usually from Feather & Bone, a potato & fennel gratin, candied carrots and simple bitter green salad – treviso, witlof, watercress & parsley. Condiments begin and end with lots of Dijon…
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Kevin Masse of Small State Provisions’ Baked Oatmeal with Jam and Almonds

As the owner of a small West Hartford Connecticut based micro-bakery, a typical morning starts at 3:30AM.  This recipe has become one of my favourite morning rituals.  Not only does it rely on ingredients I always have on hand, but it comes together with minimal effort and maximum reward.  Versatility here is the key, as you can use whatever jam you have on hand, or you can throw in some fresh berries to bake right…
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Clementine Day’s Herby Zucchini Slice

I first had a zucchini slice as a teenager when my boyfriend at the times Mum made us one for lunch on the school holidays. I’d never had one before and loved it immediately. I’d not really thought about it much since until I started growing my own zucchini, and was basically just throwing zucchini into every single thing I cooked to get through the abundance. This slice is one of those incredibly easy dishes…
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Visual Essay 06 by Alice Gao

We've invited Alice Gao for the 6th iteration of our Visual Essay Series. Our Visual Essay series is designed to engage and connect with creatives all over the world - giving them free reign to interpret Mud's designs through their unique creative lens. Alice Gao is a NYC-based still life, interiors and travel photographer, see more of Gao's work here. The stylist behind this shoot was Linden Elstran. "The concept for this shoot evolved a…
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Susan Spungen’s Shaved Asparagus Salad

When asparagus is abundant and snappy fresh, here’s a fantastic way to use it. You will need a sharp, preferably U- or V-shaped vegetable peeler, which is the best tool to peel the asparagus into thin shavings. It’s impossible to peel the whole thing into thin slices, so you can either toss the thicker pieces into the salad or save them for a soup or omelette. Choose thicker asparagus for this, as it will be…
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