Mud Flower Market: Meet our resident Sydney florist for Mother’s Day

In celebration of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we’re transforming our Double Bay Mud Store into a flower market, for one weekend only!

Visit our Double Bay store this weekend (Saturday 8 May – Sunday 9 May) to purchase seasonal blooms crafted by florist Sophia Kaplan.  Floral arrangements will be available to purchase with or without Mud vessels. Each bouquet will be beautifully gift-wrapped in recycled fabric from our friends at Lee Mathews.

Visit us at Shop 4, 1 Kiaora Lane, Double Bay!

Below, we chatted with Sophia about her career in the flower game.

How long have you been working with flowers?

My first job in the flower world was back in 2013 when worked in a beautiful flower shop in Paris called Guillon Fleurs. After I moved back home to Sydney I was lucky enough to became Jardine of Jardine Botanic’s floral assistant before launching my own floral business in 2015. The time has flown and I’ve had so many great botanical adventures along the way.


What do you most love most about working in the medium?

I love the wild unexpectedness of nature, and to be able to work to draw people’s attention to its beauty daily is a real treat. As the seasons change, so do the flowers, so nothing becomes stagnant, and I am constantly discovering new plants along with floral combinations and styles. I also get the opportunity to work with loads of other amazing creatives who are endlessly inspiring.


What makes for a beautiful arrangement?

Having a beautiful vessel is a great starting point, and then working with the freshest, local, seasonal flowers is key. Let each flower shine, and allow its natural shape to create movement and flow.


Most memorable moment or experience involving flowers?

It’s so hard to choose a single moment! One has to be a floral workshop I attended a few years ago with a couple of dear Australian friends. It was run by Sarah Ryhanan of Saipua and Nicolette Camille and took place in a bearded iris farm in Portland, Oregon. For a whole week we were totally immersed in flowers and the surrounding nature of Oregon in the most magical way. Another would have to be the delirious moment I walked through one of our local native flower grower Craig Scott’s greenhouses, absolutely surrounded by shoulder-high flannels. I have also been lucky enough to spend a few summers in the French and Swiss alps, where the simple life of flower and berry foraging on the mountainside makes my heart absolutely break in half with happiness.

What is currently most inspiring you?

I love visiting beautiful gardens, and have begun growing a little one of my own. Visiting nurseries, and choosing how this miniature little natural world will take shape is very exciting. Using these flowers I have grown to create miniature arrangements either by myself or with friends keeps me creatively inspired.


Favourite flower for its colour:

Probably the humble zinnia. They come in all different tones, but I love the ones with burgundy centres and mellow pink petals flecked with gold.


Favourite flower for its fragrance:

So many great ones of course, but at the moment it would have to be the delicate scent of sweet pea. Also – not a flower – but my home is currently scattered with Buddhas Hands citrus. They creep some people out because of their hand-like look, but they have the sweetest, lemony scent which I adore.


Favourite native Australian flower?

Would have to be either the elusive sweet baby pink flannel flower or the bold red and black Sturt’s desert pea. The flowers of some of our native orchids are pretty extraordinary too.


Your favourite Mud shape and colour?

I am in love with the nest bowls, especially the big guy, for a bit of extra drama. Favourite colour it so hard to pick at Mud, but perhaps sage or bottle blue.

What are you hoping for this Mother’s Day (being a mum, about to have a second baby)?

A little sleep in and breakfast in bed will do me just fine!

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