Chocolate brioche loaf baked in Mud baker small

Baker Small


Baker Medium


Pudding Bowl


Table setting with crumble baked in Mud flan dish with slice served on Mud side plate

Flan Dish


Orange tart served in a milk Mud pie dish

Pie Dish


Egg Cups


Slice tray with egg frittata baked in it

Slice Tray


Beaker Cup


Baked fish with potatoes on Mud fish platter in bottle

Fish Platter


Buy Mud Wine Cups

Wine Cup




Eclipse Sconce


Utensil Vase


Jug Medium


Jug Round


Jug Small


Chocolate soufflés baked in Mud latte cups

Latte Cup




Buy Mud Mug Round

Mug Round


Water Jug




Rice Bowl


Mud sake jug being used to pour cream over an apple crumble

Sake Jug


Salt Dish


Soup Bowl


Teapot 2 Cup


Teapot 4 Cup