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A tour of our Sydney ceramics studio

Welcome to our Sydney Studio. In 2020, we moved around the corner to bigger and better home. Located in Sydney’s inner-west. We covered the roof in solar panels and installed rainwater tanks wherever we could squeeze them in.

Our studio is a vibrant and colourful space - full of inspiring creatives. Becca Crawford captures the space beautifully.

Our Marrickville studio employs approximately 50 people across production, dispatch and office teams.

We collect, sort and reuse unfired clay within the studio as part of our commitment to minimise waste.

Our 19 bespoke colours are mixed in-house and range from warm neutrals to vibrant shades of orange and red.

Gokul has been mixing clay and colours for Mud Australia since 2019.

Each piece of slip cast porcelain is shaped using a handmade plaster mould.

Our mould library houses moulds for our 90 silhouettes from pickle dishes to our extra large pebble bowl.

Water is at the core of each of our processes - from mixing clay, to sponging and trimming, to cleaning our workstations at the end of the day. To reduce our water consumption, we installed internal rain tanks for use in our production area. We also have a strict water filtration system in our clay studio to ensure that the water leaving our studio is clean and wont contaminate the environment. 

Clare has been working at Mud Australia since 2011, she hand makes all of our gift wrapping charms and colour samples.

Our Pouring Team are trained in house and use a combination of experience and intuition to cast each piece. The beauty of these pieces can be attributed to the hand made process and human touch.

Each Mud Australia piece passes through 10 sets of hands in our studio. The Trimming Team finish each piece before the firing process.

Mud Australia products are fired over a 24 hour period. We utilise our 100kW solar system to fuel approximately 30% of our kilns.

Mud Australia only use recyclable paper based packaging to wrap, box and ship our products globally.

Our studio houses an 8m long kitchen illuminated by a cluster of Mud Australia Pendant Lights made from recycled clay. It’s the perfect space for big communal team lunches.