Spiced rum & lime crush

Spice Rum and Lime Crush Recipe

Summer’s almost here. No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or novice, our Spiced Rum and Lime Crush, is bound to get your creativity and taste buds going.

Let’s get started:

4 limes, quartered
2–3 tbsp coconut sugar or light brown sugar
1/2 cup mint leaves, plus extra sprigs to serve
Spiced rum, to taste
Ginger beer, to taste
Crushed ice, to serve

Serves 6

Crush the lime quarters, sugar and mint leaves in a Mortar & Pestle to release the juices, then transfer to a tall Mud Carafe. Add spiced rum to taste, add crushed ice, top up with ginger beer and serve with extra mint sprigs.

Water Jug

Water Jug


Wine Cup

Wine Cup


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