Mud Dads – Fathers Day 2021


James Kirton,
Director of Mud Australia

“I love being a DAD because my children delight,  stimulate,  know,  challenge and Love, love, love me.”

“If I’m cooking, then it’s last meal territory and that means the best aged rib eye (or 2) we can find, usually from Feather & Bone, a potato & fennel gratin, candied carrots and simple bitter green salad – treviso, witlof, watercress & parsley. Condiments begin and end with lots of Dijon smooth mustard, salt and pepper.   Oh, and there’s always a (delicious) tension as our house splits down the middle when it comes to steak doneness, with some of us liking it bleu and others more medium.”

Dean Angelucci
Founder of Angelucci 20th Century

What do you love about being a Dad?
As a father, what I love constantly changes as our daughters grow over time.  Currently – in the teenage years – it’s those precious and fleeting moments of connection.

What’s your favourite meal to cook for your children?
Dad’s Napoli & pasta. The winning go-to. Never any complaints, and always eaten to the bottom!

Somchai Charoen,
Ceramic Artist

What do you love about being a dad?
I love being a Dad because I can play like a kid with my child, full of joy and love. 

What is your favourite meal to cook for Charlie?
Thai style omelette with rice and carrot. 

Guillaume Brahimi,
Chef and Restaurateur

Being a Dad to me means Family. I think the best thing about being a Dad aside from that sense of belonging, is being able to see your children grow. I have 4 children my eldest daughter is 21 and my youngest, my son is nearly 10. There is so much life and changes that happens over the years. Seeing them grow into the amazing humans through good, great and tough days, fills me with pride.”

“Anything with potatoes. Especially my Paris Mash. Probably a barbeque, they don’t like too many complicated ingredients. My children love good produce – well cooked of course.”

Alan Lippert,
Creative Director at More Than Human

“The insurmountable joy in being a part of the ongoing creation of someone that is all your best stuff, but so much better.”

“We all love fried chicken. My latest obsession is riffing on the Tennessee hot chicken method — brine for 8–12 hours, allow the skin to dry in the fridge, season with shichimi togarishi and back into the fridge, then crumb with panko for super crispy and crunchy bites, or with flour with some baking powder to get the soft and crunchy bites. Deep fry, obviously, and then serve with an apple and fennel slaw made with Kewpie.”

Bill Lloyd

What do you love about being a Dad?
“Having 2 mates to hang out and kick the footy with!”

What’s your favourite meal to cook for your children?
“Roast Chicken with Asian Greens. It’s so easy and delicious and makes great sandwich or taco leftovers.”

Adam Goodrum
Industrial Designer

I feel incredibly fortunate  to have two of the most beautiful boys who give me immeasurable happiness and pride – My little Archie with his endless energy and relentless crazy creativity and my Oli the athletic thinker who now challenges me no end pushing the boundaries as a truly spirited teenager!”

At the moment my Sunday chicken roast is a crowd pleaser!”