Fair Pricing

We’re passionate about creating a sustainable, locally made product that helps support the Australian economy and our community of makers.

We don’t inflate our prices to allow us to discount later, meaning we don’t participate in flash seasonal sales. We offer the best price on our products all year round. Here’s why...

Raw Materials
We only work with a select number of companies that can supply our clay, glaze, stains and refactory materials. Like us, these companies operate in highly regulated environments with an emphasis on quality, durability and the environment - and little margin.

Our studio is the life blood of the business. We invest at least 50% of the company’s turnover into our team’s wages to ensure they can work in a safe environment, and have a clear career path and mentoring process in place. When you receive a product in your hand, it has been through at least 20 people to bring it to life, including our retail teams that work tirelessly around the globe.

We invest in ways to do things better — be it design, making or environmental. We believe in conscious and responsible consumption, and this starts with good design.

Our products eschew seasonality and are made to last. Any new additions to the range are designed to complement existing design and have a functional purpose.

We are proudly climate and carbon neutral and recycle wherever, and whenever, we can, throughout the production process. Trimmings and floor spills are recycled into our rescued clay collection and items with minor defects are sold as Seconds to give them a new home and avoid landfill.