A Sustainable Way

We’re always looking to do things better — be it design, making, workplace, social or environmental.

Environmental goals

Mud has always been dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint, but we want to make it official. The 2019-2020 devastating Australian bushfires motivated us to make the commitment to become carbon neutral, a goal we proudly achieved by the end of 2020. Here’s the run down on everything we’re doing to go greener:

We’re now proudly carbon neutral

Going carbon neutral

In May 2020 Mud began work with certified agency South Pole to become Carbon Neutral by the end of 2020.  We chose Australian and US offset projects to invest in. Read more about our carbon neutral journey here.

A greener workplace

We are constantly working to make our workspaces and operations greener. We do this by:

Making Product Locally in Australia

We control our production processes which allows us to ensure the highest production standards in terms of safety, materials usage and waste. We dust test our studio annually and provide appropriate PPE for any hazardous tasks. All our glazes and stains are non-toxic and food safe. Local production also means any pieces that don’t meet our production standards are kept out of landfill by selling them as seconds or repurposing into our Terrazzo range.


Installation of 100kW solar system on our studio in Marrickville. This offsets approximately 25% of our manufacturing energy consumption. In addition to this we have installed LED lighting throughout our spaces. We divert excess heat produced by our kilns in the firing process into our production space to dry moulds and products.


We have recently invested in two electric vehicles and aim to transition to an entirely electric fleet.


To reduce landfill we have a vigilant internal recycling policy from compost to soft plastics, we’re even able to recycle our plaster moulds. Read more about how we recycle clay and repurpose broken pieces below.


To reduce water consumption we have installed internal rain tanks for use in the production process. We also have a strict water filtration systems in our clay studio to ensure that the water that leaves our site is clean.

Recycled Clay


Mud Australia’s Recycled Clay Collection is Carbon Neutral product, made entirely from recycled clay and handmade in our Sydney studio.

The trimmings and floor spills from our porcelain slip casting are collected, filtered and aged before being cast into new recycled product diverting 1,500L of clay from landfill annually. Each piece is worked on by 10 sets of hands to ensure a quality Mud fineness and finish then fired to vitrification at 1230 degrees. The surface is left unglazed and hand sanded to provide a smooth matte finished.

The collection comes in a mid-grey colour which, depending on the content of the recycled clay, varies slightly from batch to batch.

As part of our commitment to lower carbon emissions and ensure environmental best practise, Mud undergoes an annual Carbon Audit by the sustainability consultants South Pole. We are constantly reviewing our processes, suppliers and infrastructure to ensure that we’re reducing our footprint where ever possible and offsetting accordingly. Some of our innovations in the last year include installing 100kw solar system in our Sydney studio to contribute to powering of our kilns, collecting rainwater onsite to use in our production process and redirecting the heat omitted from our kilns within the studio for drying and heating.

Sustainable design

Sustainability is built into our design DNA. Our products eschew seasonality, complement any interior, and are made to last. All new additions to our range are designed to be useful and match existing designs. We believe in conscious and responsible consumption and this starts with good design.

Reducing our packing waste

In July 2018 we replaced our plastic foam protective packaging with 100% biodegradable and compostable Ranpak packaging. When you receive Mud in the post, you can dispose of the wrapping in your backyard compost bin or kerbside recycling bin.

New packaging

Our new packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable eco packaging. Made from 80% post-consumer paper and printed using water based inks. We encourage you to either reuse these boxes in your household, recycle, compost or return to your nearest Mud store next time – we’ll reuse these internally.

Reusable Tote Bags

Meet our beautiful new Mud cotton shopping tote – introduced to reduce our disposable bag usage. The tote’s multi-functional, everyday design features the Mud logo available in three accented shades of citrus, steel and blue and is crafted from 100% cotton drill. Perfectly sized to fit all daily essentials with a handy internal mobile and keys pocket, we encourage you to bring it along when visiting our Mud stores.

Receive complementary with purchases over $140 (in stores only).

Sea freight over air freight

In April 2020 our logistics team made the switch from air to ocean freight for our product deliveries. Maritime shipping is the world’s most carbon-efficient form of long distance transport.

Stay tuned! We’re moving factories and will be updating you on all our green eco-minded initiatives as they come to fruition.

Maritime shipping is the world’s most carbon-efficient form of long distance transport.

Our Terrazzo Trivet collection


From its earliest use as an affordable way to use marble scraps in eighteenth-century Venice pavements, terrazzo has been subject to rapid re-imaginings. Today, we globally launch our zero waste terrazzo trivet collection, led by founder, Shelley Simpson’s passion towards innovative upcycling and minimization of waste.  Determined to create an inventive use for our broken ceramics, Shelley reached out to Brisbane based company, Five Mile Radius, to utilize broken porcelain pieces as aggregate in their upcycled concrete products to create a new take on terrazzo.

The Mud Australia table trivets stand alone as design objects while also providing protection to more fragile surfaces. Available in 3 designs – a small “round” tablet, and a medium and large “capsule”, the trivets also come in 3 distinct colourways – Neutrals, Blues and the multi-coloured Mixed. Each colourway beautifully compliments a variety of table and domestic settings. Each trivet is backed with recycled PET felt and comes in a felt storage pouch, also made of recycled PET.

Social goals

Mud understands an enriching workplace for all employees is intrinsic in societal sustainability. Mud has implemented various community orientated projects to encourage a healthy, happy and progressive work environment. These include:

SSCP: The Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize

The newly formed Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize is funded by Mud Australia. This annual $10,000 Prize is awarded to an outstanding student in the field of ceramics to support their final year of studies. This Prize is about nurturing the next generation of Australian artists and encouraging innovations in the craft of our ceramics community. You can read more about this Prize here.

This annual $10,000 Prize is awarded to an outstanding student in the field of ceramics to support their final year of studies.

In 2020 we donated over $15,000 (AUD) towards the Australian bushfire appeal.

Supporting charities

Each year Mud supports charities aligned with our values and to causes most in need. In 2020 we donated over $15,000 (AUD) towards the Australian bushfire appeal. We’re also passionate about donating to public and not-for-profit education institutions – if you’re a public school within one of our geographical communities, please contact us here.

Employee profit sharing

Mud offers an annual profit sharing incentive plan that shares company success with our team members who have been with us for more than a year.

Mud Club

Many of our team have their own creative practice. To promote their creativity Mud hosts an bi-annual event called ‘Mud Club’ that provides an environment for them to exhibit and sell their art.

Fun stuff

Mud Australia studio does our best to offer a nurturing, rewarding and fun work environment. Pre COVID-19 we offered weekly yoga classes and monthly massages for all factory and office staff. We’re looking forward to re-implementing these activities for our staff. We also host monthly team breakfasts to foster our Mud staff community.

Reconciliation efforts

Mud Australia acknowledges we operate our studio on Gadigal country. We acknowledge the Gadigal people as the traditional custodians of the Eora Nation and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

We’re currently forming a Reflect RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) to address how we can do more as a business.