An innovative Lamp Collection designed collaboratively by Zachary Hanna and Shelley Simpson for Mud Australia. Three truly unique pieces that see the marriage of our refined porcelain-making processes and the precise technical functionality of intuitive modern lighting.

About our new Lamp Collection

Shelley had been musing on a Mud Australia Lamp Collection for years but knew that the design componentry needed a custom solution and the skills of an industrial designer. She first met Zac at an event in 2018 and, when she couldn’t get the lamps out of her mind, reached out in 2021 to discuss how collaborating with each other might work.

Crucial to the collection has been each designer's understanding of the other’s process. Over the design period, Zac conducted research on Mud's process and existing design language, even creating CAD models in his own studio to help finesse the intricate solutions needed. Shelley's expertise in pushing the boundaries of porcelain production proved invaluable in resolving structural issues and shaping the final designs. Throughout the process, both designers collaborated closely, offering ideas and jointly problem-solving to create new products that truly reflects their shared vision.

As seen in: Australian Financial Review, Yellowtrace and Habitus Living.

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The Lamp Collection grew from a comprehensive study of Mud’s existing silhouettes and forms. Suitable forms from the existing range were identified, and assembled into arrangements that suited the dispersion of light, inverting bowls to become shades, introducing voids to allow the passage of light, and folding over edges to create a detail that allowed for ease of production and connection to the internal frame, while becoming a design detail common across the lamps.

Zachary Hanna

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