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Trade, Hospitality & Design

Mud Australia offers tiered trade pricing and customisation opportunities to our hospitality and design clients.

Let’s make something beautiful together - contact us for a quote and colour references.

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Mud Australia Studio

(By Appt.)
36-44 Farr Street
Marrickville NSW 2204
T +61 2 9569 8181
F +61 2 9569 2688
[email protected]


Mud Australia Brooklyn

402 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn NY
USA 11217
[email protected]

Mud Australia Nolita

242 Mott Street
Nolita, NY,
USA, 10012
[email protected]

Mud Australia Los Angeles

8216 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA,
USA, 90048
[email protected]


Mud Australia London

11 Porchester Place
London W2 2BU
T 020 7706 4903
[email protected]

Recycled Clay Collection

Mud Australia’s Recycled Clay Collection is a Carbon Neutral product, made entirely from recycled clay and handmade in our Sydney studio.

The trimmings and floor spills from our porcelain slip casting are collected, filtered and aged before being cast into new recycled product diverting 1,500L of clay from landfill annually. Each piece is worked on by 10 sets of hands to ensure a quality Mud fineness and finish then fired to vitrification at 1230 degrees. The surface is left unglazed and hand sanded to provide a smooth matte finished.

The collection comes in a mid-grey colour which, depending on the content of the recycled clay, varies slightly from batch to batch.

As part of our commitment to lower carbon emissions and ensure environmental best practise, Mud undergoes an annual Carbon Audit by the sustainability consultants South Pole. We are constantly reviewing our processes, suppliers and infrastructure to ensure that we’re reducing our footprint where ever possible and offsetting accordingly. Some of our innovations in the last year include installing 100kw solar system in our Sydney studio to contribute to powering of our kilns, collecting rainwater onsite to use in our production process and redirecting the heat omitted from our kilns within the studio for drying and heating.

Mud Australia Porcelain at Re - Sydney. Photography by @nik_to

  • Mud Australia Dinner Plate and Pebble Bowls at Port Leo Estate, Victoria, Australia. Photo by Chris McConville

  • Mud Australia Porcelain at Superfrico, Las Vegas, Nevada. Photography by @damoneats.

  • Flan Dish, Salad Plate and Latte Cups at Merci Montecito Cafe in Montecito, California.