A grateful Thanksgiving abroad with Kristina Gill

Kristina Gill – food writer – Rome

Author Kristina Gill and her husband are based in Rome and the three words she thinks of when it comes to Thanksgiving are Sweet Potato Pie! Kristina will start the day brunching with American friends at local favorite, Marigold Roma. At home in the US, Thanksgiving, would be a large extended family affair, with traditional recipes from her grandmother. Kristina reinterprets the traditional to a two-person scale with husband always offering to cook a turkey, however, since it’s just the two of them she’s happy to find something new and tasty to bring home. When asked what she’s thankful for this Thanksgiving Kristina replied, “ SO MUCH. Sometimes it’s easy to take having food to eat, and having the choice to skip a meal for granted when you’re sitting with friends and enjoying nice food”

I love the freedom to celebrate as you wish and the places that offer Thanksgiving meals to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford or participate.