We’re delighted to announce the winners of our recent #bakedinmud competition. Celebrating the joy of baking with our Mud Australia community. From the 19 June - 23 July our online community baked, snapped and shared sweet and savoury recipes that had us drooling!

First place - Lorrie Graham

We loved all of of Lorrie's images, the combination of moody lighting and home-cooked dinners and treats made us want to be at the table with her. Each image carefully put together with soft linens and an unexpected use of our silhouettes.

"I started collecting Mud products in the mid 90’s when the finish was more egg shell than it is now. But started baking in mud when the first square baker dish came on the market. I use my Mud products everyday. I particularly like the slice tray. I love the product because I can make a meal and it will happily and beautifully go from oven to table. The unique aspect of Mud is that it looks beautiful at the same time as being incredible practical.

I have worked as a photojournalist for over 40 years. I love the Baked in Mud competition because it takes my skills as a photographer into an area I have never worked in or contemplated. I only really started cooking about ten years ago. So the combination of cooking and photographing the food is a lot of fun, pure joy. Very different from the world of my work."

Second Place - Georgie Robinson

Georgie's entry used a thoughtful balance of bold colour and composition. Not to mention the absolutely delicious looking lobster and pavlova in our yellow Pebble Bowl Large.

"My love of food and hosting has definitely come from my Mum. She has always welcomed everyone for a meal and can always seem to make a meal stretch and have everyone leave with full bellys. We entered this competition together and wanted to choose dishes that would look bright and inviting in our yellow bowl. Whilst my Mum has a large collection of Mud, I am just starting out my collecting journey and cooking in Mud really does elevate the whole experience. Taking a dish from oven to table makes so much sense and with dishes that are both functional and beautiful I think it’s a win win. Cooking beautiful, simple, delicious, nourishing food is really important for me and cooking in Mud brings me so much joy."

Third Place - Lindsay Collinson

Lindsay's entries are innovative - baking brioche in our latte cups and cakes in our flared bowls. His entries looked delicous and he clearly had a lot of fun in the process.

"I really like the thermal transfer properties of Mud porcelain, it always produces an even bake in minimum time. The forms I get from using various Mud silhouettes are I think more homely and imbue sharing at the table. Cooking, baking cakes & desserts are very much part of my extended family, much of what I do in the kitchen is inspired by my Mum!"