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Kevin Masse of Small State Provisions' Baked Oatmeal with Jam and Almonds

As the owner of a small West Hartford Connecticut based micro-bakery, a typical morning starts at 3:30AM. This recipe has become one of my favourite morning rituals. Not only does it rely on ingredients I always have on hand, but it comes together with minimal effort and maximum reward.

Versatility here is the key, as you can use whatever jam you have on hand, or you can throw in some fresh berries to bake right into the oatmeal. The final dish is satisfyingly rich whilst not being overly heavy. The eggs provide some much needed protein while the oats keep me fuelled all morning long. I bake these right in the oven as I preheat them for my morning bread and it works like a charm. Being able to bake them directly in the serving vessels also means there is less clean up when done which is key when you have a busy kitchen to manage.


14g butter
120g rolled oats
27.5g brown sugar
½ teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
¼ teaspoon sea salt
237ml Whole Milk
120ml Buttermilk
43g Maple Syrup
2 large eggs
10ml Almond Extract
60g favorite prepared fruit preserves or Jam
17.5g Sliced Almonds
Berries & Cream for serving


Cook 1 cup of frozen peas and a large handful each of trimmed sugar snap peas and snow peas in a saucepan of boiling salted water until bright green and just tender (1–2 minutes), drain and refresh in a bowl of iced water then drain well and set aside.

Coarsely tear the outer leaves of 3 baby cos lettuces and halve the hearts.

Combine in a Mud Baby Nest Bowl with 2 handfuls of pea tendrils and a handful of coarsely torn mint in a Mud Baby Nest Bowl, then add the mixed peas.

Shake 1⁄4 cup extra-virgin olive oil, juice of 1⁄2 lemon (or to taste), 1 tsp Dijon mustard and 1⁄4 finely grated garlic clove in a jar with a screw-top lid until combined well, season to taste with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Drizzle over the salad, toss lightly to combine and serve.