Beautiful dinnerware makes everything look and taste better.

​The Mud Australia porcelain range allows for ultimate customisation, through colour, silhouette, and the number of place settings. We have included a few key details below to take into consideration when making your selection.

How will you use it?

Will these pieces be used every day, on special occasions or do you want a multi-functional set to use for everything? We cook and eat differently during the week, so think about the pieces you’ll need to serve your favourite day-to-day meals as well as weekend feasts.

Choosing your pieces

The best foundation for building a dinner set begins with 3 key pieces – a side plate, dinner plate, and bowl. While you can continue to add depth to your dinner set with additional bowls and plates in different shapes or sizes, these 3 key pieces will afford you the flexibility to cover most of your serving needs.

Once you have decided on the size and function of your dinner set, now it’s time to select your silhouettes. Most dinnerware silhouettes we make are available in multiple sizes to cater to all eating habits and to accommodate tables, benches, and dishwashers of all sizes.

The dinner plate anchors your setting so we recommend making this your 1st selection. Available in 3 sizes and designs – Flared Dinner Plate, Dinner Plate, and the Flared Plate Small, the flared silhouette hints at a more classic shape, while the Dinner Plate has a more contemporary profile with a flat base and a lip around the edge.

Next up, side plate. Our Salad Plate and Bread Plate offer great versatility for entrees, desserts, or even your morning slice of toast. The Salad Plate has a higher lip allowing for dishes with a dressing, sauce or even a delicious runny dessert. The Bread Plate, with a flatter low rim profile, is perfect for bread and pastries.

To complete your set, we need a bowl. We have 3 main silhouettes in various sizes – Pebble Bowl, Noodle Bowl, and Flared Bowl. The Pebble Bowl family is our bestselling silhouette offering use for a wide variety of dishes and can also double as serving plates for sides too. Featuring a wide flat base, the Pebble Bowl is a hybrid between a plate and a bowl and is our go-to for salads, pasta, and stews.

If you want a little more height in your bowl, the Flared and Noodle Bowl silhouettes are well suited to soup, pasta, curries, or salads. The Flared Bowl profile splays out at the rim and comes to a point at the base, while the Noodle Bowl has a beautifully curved silhouette perfect for cradling a bowl of soup.


Be bold with pops of colour, timeless with neutrals or whimsical with pastels. Whatever your style is, the Mud colour palette has the depth to personalise your dinner set to suit any interior.

Our plates are offered in 10 colours – selected for maximum wear and durability and in tones that allow your food to always be the hero. Add a burst of colour to your table with your bowls, serving ware or drinkware – available in all 19 colours.

The Mud Australia colour range has been developed in tones to complement each other, making it even easier for you to build your dinner set. Opt for either monochromatic, tone on tone or playfully mix colours. Our dinnerware range has the flexibility to create a setting for any occasion.

Need assistance?

Great, we love to help! Whenever your ready our Mud Australia team of experts are here to guide you with beginning or expanding your dinnerware collection. Start the process by booking a virtual consultation online, visit us in store or give us a call!


Mud Australia dinnerware is always popular, so if you have a special event, please allow us up to three weeks for us to hand make your order. Visit us in-store or online to view our full dinnerware collection.