Meet Alfred Lowe | 2024 Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize Recipient

For Alfred, the clay is not merely a medium but a conduit for exploring themes of Country and identity.

Mud Australia is delighted to announce Alfred Lowe as the winner of the 2024 Shelley Simpson Ceramic Prize (SSCP) providing him with international exposure and a $10,000 cash prize.

As part of the SSCP, Alfred’s work will be on display across Mud Australia’s 12 retail stores globally including London, New York, Los Angeles and Australia. This is the first time that Lowe will have his work displayed internationally since beginning his career in 2021.

Alfred's pieces are available for purchase with price upon application. To view the collection and for purchase information please contact us for more details at [email protected]

Please note Mud Australia does not financially profit from the sale of these artworks, the funds go directly to Alfred Lowe and APY.

We spoke with Alfred Lowe, an Arrernte artist hailing from Snake Well in the Central Desert, to reflect on his journey from the heart of Australia to the global stage of ceramics.

Growing up in Alice Springs, Alfred's artistic roots run deep, nurtured by encounters with legends like Clifford Possum and the vibrant Araluen Arts and Cultural Precinct. Now based in Adelaide, Alfred's passion for ceramics ignites daily at the APY Studio Adelaide, where he crafts vessels that echo the spirit of his homeland.

"It's really exciting," exclaims Alfred, reflecting on receiving the Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize 2024 award. "To be recognised by Shelley and Mud Australia in this way. Knowing that Shelley is an expert in both ceramics and business, and holding a long career in arts and design too, it really is an honour."

The thrill continues as Alfred's creations find a global stage within Mud's stores. "It was a great creative challenge," he shares. "Crafting these works for Mud stores across Australia and overseas. It was important to me that these works stood up to Mud's name and fit in with their environment whilst also speaking to my experience as an artist."

Alfred's journey with clay began serendipitously, sparked by a friend's involvement with APY. "I began with pre-made forms and started to love it," he recalls. "I've now been with APY for about two years."

For Alfred, the clay is not merely a medium but a conduit for exploring themes of Country and identity. "Currently, my biggest goals are around creating bigger pieces," he shares. "I'm working on the skills to achieve this, and so the technical challenge with creating bigger works is something that will definitely keep me busy for a while."

Looking ahead, Alfred's aspirations extend to a residency, a chance to immerse himself fully in his craft. "I like the idea of moving somewhere with the purpose to focus completely on art for a period of time," he muses. With each creation, Alfred Lowe reshapes not only clay but also narratives, bridging the landscapes of his past with the horizons of his future.

I have watched Alfred grow as an artist and his work is incredibly inspiring. After the referendum last year, I felt it would be remiss of me not to shine a light on Alfred’s work as well as the talent coming out of the APY Studio in Adelaide. I’m thrilled to award him this year’s prize and support his work now and in the years to come.

Shelley Simpson