Setting the table for Thanksgiving, or any other celebratory family/friend meal is an act of love. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Pull off a flawless feast with these timeless tabletop pieces:

Paris Platter – The Paris Platter is designed to feed a cast of thousands. Besides being a stunning centrepiece at your Thanksgiving table, it’s also perfect for oven-to-table cooking. Roast a whole turkey or a tray full of vegetables – no fuss. Beyond Thanksgiving, the Paris platter is a lovely addition to your kitchen island: fill it with fruit or lemons to keep it simple.

Wine Cup – What’s a roast dinner without a glass of wine? Our NEW Wine Cup is the perfect way to bring a pop of mud colour to your table. These stemless vessels are designed and made to be extra fine. Rather than detracting from the taste and experience, the tactile and thermal properties of porcelain maintain the drinks temperature better than glass. Already a best-seller!

Fish Platter – If you’re looking for a versatile serving platter, the Fish Platter is a great go-to piece. Use it to serve a loaf of bread, cheese, fruit or… a whole oven roasted fish?! A bonus for this platter is that it doesn’t take up too much room on your dining table.

Pebble Bowl Large – The Pebble Bowl Large is our #1 gifted item for a reason. It’s your everyday salad or fruit bowl that can also be used as a baking dish. Perfect for everyday use – think roast chicken & potatoes (again- oven-to-table!) or a large green salad. We have at least two in our kitchen at all times.