Time, together — thankfully.

The fabulous New York-based photographer, Alice Gao, along with stylist, Linden Elstran has created a stunning series of still life images inspired by the Thanksgiving traditions of our US-based friends and families. Each still life combines the individual stories, colour palettes and heirloom pieces to create a personal Thanksgiving visual essay.

Read more about our friend’s Thanksgiving rituals below:

Laura O’Brien – founder of Josephine’s Feast – Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

“Thanksgiving is a true fall holiday and I swap out my white plates for harvest colours… I find these tones very appealing with a traditional thanksgiving dinner. They set a more casual mood which is the calling card of our day.”

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Trinity Mouzon & Issey Kobori – founders of Golde superfoods – Saratoga, Upstate New York.

“Issey’s Mom always has a really classic fall tablecloth. Trinity’s mom is big on using dried plants and flowers to create centerpieces. And of course there is always Mud on the table because those are the only plates Issey’s parents use!”

Read more on Issey and Trinty’s family traditions, here.

John McIlwee & Bill Damaschke – Hollywood Hills, LA.

“We always do a traditional dinner, then a potluck the net day for all our friends that don’t have family or couldn’t be with them… We have the most beautiful set of bone and great Mud dishes. We’re pairing them with succulents from our garden. We live in California after all.”

Read more on John and Bill’s traditions here.

Kristina Gill – Rome.

“I love the freedom to celebrate as you wish and the places that offer Thanksgiving meals to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford or participate. I’m not a fan of all of the media fanfare that may put pressure on people to celebrate in a particular way or fanfare that publicises the holiday in ways that make people feel lonely or sad for not having the stereotypical family to celebrate with.”

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Erin Garvan – Mud Australia LA Showroom Manager – Wilton Historic District, Los Angeles

“I like to experiment and reinvent. For many years we lived in London, so Thanksgiving was a special time to get together with other expats. During those years I came up with a lot of new recipes to add to the table. Our friends would bring their family favourites to share, so you never knew what you were going to get. Now that I’m back with my US family, we tend to make our childhood favorites.”

Read more on Erin’s family traditions here.

Jessica Rankin – Artist – Harlem, New York City

“My father is an artist and years ago painted a series of platters and bowls which we always use. There are some beautiful Mexican table wares that have been in the family for years that we love. This year I may ask the kids to decorate the table – so who knows how it will look!?”

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