A Deep-dive into Orange

Exploring the psychology behind our colour palette of 19 shades.

"Orange is a happy colour, it's joyous and fabulous," says Shelley Simpson, Creative Director and Founder of Mud Australia

Why Orange?

Colour has long been known to evoke feelings and emotions in people. You’ve probably heard about the most well-known connections before - yellow for optimism, blues and greens with calm and red for anger or passion.

Because orange is a combination of red and yellow, it is associated with characteristics of both red, energy and stimulation and happiness and cheerfulness that we get from yellow. It is known to have rejuvenating and invigorating properties.

The meaning of orange —

Orange is the color of adventure and social connections, radiating enthusiasm, making you feel optimistic and extroverted. A burst of sunshine.

  • The colour of adventure and social communication

  • Enthusiasm - optimistic and extroverted, the colour for the uninhibited

  • Rejuvenation - helps restore balance to our physical energies

  • Vitality - more balanced energy than red, not as passionate or aggressive but full of vitality

Orange in the home —

Orange is known as a very social colour, making people open up and encourage open communication. It is great used as a decorative colour for parties, as it gets people talking and inspires a good mood.

Lighter shades of orange used to decorate the table or surroundings can make for good conversation and have also been known to increase the appetite. Bon apetit!

For interiors, orange works well as a wall colour in both pale and intense shades. It is often used where large groups congregate as it decreases feelings of irritability and hostility.

Orange is a fantastic colour to use as a feature wall to create a focal point

The artistic hue of orange —

"One of my all-time favorite artists is Rothko," Shelley reminisces. "His artwork has this peaceful allure that draws me in. I used to spend hours at the Rothko room in the Tate Modern in London, basking in the beauty of his paintings and the tranquil atmosphere that surrounded them."