Oysters with tomato mignonette

Recipe by Arlo Communal

Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 6


1 dozen pacific oysters OR sydney rock oysters
1 ripened heirloom tomato
½ tsp white balsamic vinegar
½ tsp champagne vinegar


First, finely chop (or grate with a fine grater) the tomato until it reaches a semi-fine puree consistency. Place into a mixing bowl. Season the tomato with both kinds of vinegar and mix well. The mignonette should be balanced - slightly sweet and slightly acidic with a punchy tomato flavour. Finally, shuck oysters (or get your fishmonger to shuck them). Once shucked, place in the fridge or onto your serving platter if you are serving immediately. Make sure to keep the oyster liquor inside the shell.

To serve, place oysters onto your serving plate, garnish with a ¼ tsp of the tomato mignonette on each oyster. Dress with a drop of extra-virgin olive oil to finish.


About Arlo Communal

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Arlo is shaped by a love for design, music, and good food. Three mates - Cal, Tobi and Miles, serve up seasonal, satisfying and expressive food alongside organic, biodynamic, and sustainable wines for our guests.