Hedley & Bennett in our Sydney Studio

Known for their high-quality, functional and beautifully designed aprons, Hedley & Bennett are loved around the world – by chefs, creatives and our very own production team.

Hedley & Bennett has been a long-time friend of Mud Australia and we recently partnered to create custom-designed aprons for our ceramicists.

The cross-back design was chosen for comfort, distributing the weight evenly on the shoulders while taking weight off the neck. This also allows for a wider range of motion without the apron riding up or coming untied. Deep front pockets were added for additional functionality.

The fabric was chosen for its durability, being able to withstand a daily wash cycle after a messy day in the studio.

Each team member has had their name custom embroidered on the front to provide a personalised touch.

The quality of these aprons are unmatched. They are so well-made, comfortable and useful tool in our studio - our team just love them!    

Shelley Simpson