Limited Edition Rescued Clay in blue

Mud Australia has launched a limited edition series of Pebble Bowls using rescued clay in a beautiful blue tint.

Our rescued clay pieces are made from all the collected trimmings, spills and broken greenware that occurs during the production process. This material is then collected, filtered and aged before being cast into a new recycled product.

For this particular collection (our first release) we have experimented with a blue tint and glazing the inside to create our signature finish. Each piece is hand numbered and etched with our recycled clay logo on the base. As with all limited edition collections, once the pieces are sold, they won't be released again.

Choose from our Pebble Bowl Extra Large, Large, Medium or best selling Cereal bowl sizes or get them all as a set. Available in-store until stock lasts.

Rescued clay pieces can be used the same as your other Mud Australia pieces, however, you can expect some variety in finish, texture and colour.

Rescued clay pieces are oven, dishwasher, microwave and food safe. Due to the recycled content you can expect some variety in finish, texture and colour.

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What is Rescued Clay?

Mud Australia’s Recycled Clay Collection is made entirely from recycled clay and handmade in our Sydney studio.

The trimmings and floor spills from our porcelain slip casting are collected, filtered and aged before being cast into new recycled product diverting 1,500L of clay from landfill annually.

Each piece is worked on by 10 sets of hands to ensure a quality Mud fineness and finish then fired to vitrification at 1230°C. Typically the surface is left unglazed and hand sanded to provide a smooth matte finish.

The colour of our rescued clay is determined by the content of the clay we are recycling which varies slightly from batch to batch. For limited releases we have experimented with tinting the rescued clay into various different shades and glazing the inside to create a contrasting finish

Since 2019 we’ve undergone strict Carbon Audits and are are proud to not only be a carbon neutral business, but also climate neutral — which means we account for all GHGs in addition to carbon dioxide.

Rescued Clay in Use

Our Rescued Clay collection has been available exclusively for trade customers in a mid-grey colour for the past few years, with the colour varying slightly from batch to batch depending on the content of the recycled clay.

We’re always looking for interesting projects for our Rescued Clay and have previously worked with trade customers doing custom pours for hospitality and unique corporate gifting.

You can find our Rescued Clay at Matt Whiley’s Re Bar in Redfern, as shown in the images in this article, photographed by Nikki To.

We’re looking for more interesting Rescued Clay projects please contact us [email protected] to discuss.