Mud Australia and Lee Mathews introduce the Hive Vase

Introducing the Hive Vase. This new shape took form after our founder, Shelley Simpson, was inspired by Lee Mathews signature cocoon-shaped sleeves and dresses. The vase flaunts an organic architecture with its dome silhouette, sturdy circular base and slight off-axis opening, which creates sculptural, floral arrangements with ease.

“I’ve been loving and wearing the Lee Mathews range for ages now and am particularly fond of the Cocoon Dress. Coincidentally, for a while now I’ve been thinking about the challenge of getting a natural floral arrangement within the confines of a symmetrical vase, especially if you’re not a professional floral arranger. After talking to Lee I had the idea of using the Cocoon Dress, with its off-centre sleeve, as a silhouette for a vase. The Hive Vase is the end result and it ties in beautifully with our offering. I’m very excited about this piece.” says Mud’s Founder and Designer Shelley Simpson

For Lee Mathews, home has always been beneath the heart of her creative life. “Having an ever growing homewares component of the collection feels like a natural extension of the philosophy of the whole business. Making beautiful things with enduring materials and in collaboration with other gifted craftspeople brings a new perspective and life to everything we do”

The Hive Vase is available in two sizes across five colourways that align with the key palette found in Lee Mathew’s Resort 2022 Collection. The Hive Vase is available exclusively through Mud Australia, Lee Mathews and from 22nd of October 2021.