On Friday the 20th of September we closed our doors internationally to join the #notbusinessasusual alliance and strike for climate change.

The #SchoolStrike4Climate movement is the largest climate movement to date, started by Greta Thunberg and motivated by the worlds children. #thisisnotbusinessasusual is a group of Australian & global businesses that pledged to support worker participation in the climate strike. We knew the number one reason people wouldn’t strike is because of work. So we closed our doors and motivated our employees to take a stance and try to make a difference. The reality is that while it’s not up to the private sector to lead climate action, we can do our part in these important moments.

The Climate Strike was a good time for us to contemplate the procedures we follow to reduce our impact, both in our manufacturing studio and retail stores. Below is a summary of where we’re currently at (and a prod for us to do more moving forward):

Solar Panels – Our manufacturing studio houses 150 solar panels, which covers a large potion of our energy consumption.

Recycling – Here at Mud, we recycle our porcelain trimmings and off cuts, rehydrating them and putting them back into another batch of clay, minimising waste.

Packaging – Over the past year we have switched to a 100% paper, recyclable packaging solution, Ranpak. As a result we no longer use any plastic bubble wrap – yay! Moving forward, we are in the process of a redesign of our packaging, ensuring that it is all 100% recyclable and compostable. Once our new packaging is in place, we will stop providing single-use bags and offer a reusable alternative.

Design – At Mud Australia, we do not adhere to a typical, seasonal approach to design and retail. We make high quality pieces that are minimal and timeless, intended to last a long time.

Location – Manufacturing and designing locally is important to us. It allows us to have full control over our process and minimise our impact on the environment.

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