Mud Takes Part In Marrickville Creative Trails

Our Marrickville studio recently opened its doors to the public as part of ‘Marrickville Creative Trails’, a local exploration of hidden studios, independent galleries and quirky artist-run initiatives. For those of you who don’t know Sydney, Marrickville is a vibrant inner-city suburb with a great mix of residential, small industries and food – if you’re ever in Sydney and you like food, breweries, and bars we definitely recommend a trip.

A few of our dedicated Mud team turned up on the day and ran live demonstrations of the porcelain making process, while also providing the constant stream of interested visitors with a general tour of the studio space.

One of the day’s highlights was the launching of our brand new ‘Perfect Match’ mural, created by local artist Karen Farmer. The large-scale mural, which can be seen any time you’re in the area, adorns the front and back of our studio and acknowledges some of our native birds while also sending a “Slow Down” message. Perfect Match is a unique initiative tackling unwanted graffiti through fostering legitimate creative expression and art in public spaces and brings artists, residents, businesses, property owners, and the community together to collaboratively create fantastic new street artworks in public places.

Photos by Lorrie Graham