Visual Essay 05 by Nick Tsindos

For this visual essay, we’ve invited Sydney-based photographer and videographer Nick Tsindos to interpret our porcelain pieces. His eye for form, balance and composition resulted in a truly magical visual essay that took our breath away. Read more from Tsindos on this shoot and his creative process below.

My journey into photography was born through living abroad, and just taking pictures of anything and everything. It slowly developed during my time studying performing arts in 2015 and its just continued to evolve the years after. My initial education and previous life was a construction management degree. So I think maybe my current still-life work now references that past life in building.

I find inspiration in cinematography, architecture, painters, florists, friends and their stories. When I first started shooting, I really loved (and still do) a photographer called Luigi Ghirri. He captures scenes in life beautifully.

It’s a privilege to take photos, and build and create things. It gives you a lot of joy and a lot of freedom, which is really special… My process with still life is based on building new objects. It’s pretty playful, with heaps of trial and error. I want to create my own sculptures basically, and try to give a different life to the objects I’m using.

See more of Nick Tsindos’ work here.