Visual Essay 03 by Studio Mary Lennox & Becca Crawford

Berlin based florist Ruby Barber of Studio Mary Lennox is renowned for her opulent, extravagant floral installations. For our Visual Essay No. 3 she mixes her iconic floral language with Becca Crawford’s strong Still Life photography, to create an other worldly interpretation of our Ink collection.

As a florist and a food/still life photographer, we wanted to combine our respective disciplines in a playful pairing of organic produce – both floral and fruity!

We’ve been working together on so many different projects in Berlin over the past 5 years, so our vibe on set is very chill! It’s been really special to work so closely as friends as well as creative colleagues. For this project we shot at Ruby’s altbau apartment in Schöneberg, Berlin, also doubling as the Mary Lennox Studio at the moment during the pandemic. We always make sure to have a proper lunch break when shooting together and reflect on the work so far. Our friends own a cafe around the corner Rocket & Basil with the best salads in Berlin!

Sharing opportunities and collaborating with fellow creatives is incredibly important to both of us. There is definitely sometimes a sense of being outsiders in a foreign country, despite having lived in Germany for 5+ years, so having a community of like-minded people has been incredibly helpful for maintaining a positive headspace.

Becca Crawford

Becca is a photographer based between Berlin and Sydney. Originally from Sydney, she studied Architecture at the University of NSW before completing a Masters of Fashion Studies at Parsons (New School of Design) in New York City. Her holistic approach to each shoot is reflected by this varied background, allowing her to consider the broader ecosystem of an image and how it will be used. Becca shoots a diverse range of subjects and topics, but focuses her style on natural light, clean composition and exuding feelings of abundance, warmth and joy in her pictures.

Studio Mary Lennox

Mary Lennox is a floral studio working at the intersection of nature and art, collaborating with visionary creators and businesses across lifestyle, fashion, beauty and design sectors. A florist by trade, Creative Director and Founder, Ruby Barber, gained international recognition for her unique perspective since moving to Germany from Sydney in 2012.

Studio Mary Lennox brings a contemporary and considered approach. Through a deep discourse with the natural world’s most stunning displays, Mary Lennox has developed a singular and dynamic botanical language that is reimagined, expanded and refined with each new project. The Studio’s expertises includes, but is not limited to; set design, scenography, immersive installation, sculpture, content creation, creative direction and consultancy.

The studio is based in Berlin and operates internationally.