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Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize

The Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize (SSCP) was introduced in 2020 by Mud Australia Founder and Creative Director, Shelley Simpson.

“Visual arts are an integral part of our culture and overall social wellbeing. This sector has long been under-valued and poorly funded. With no change in sight it’s up to individuals and businesses with the foresight and capital to step up and do what they can to reverse the decline. The emerging generation of ceramicists are really inspiring. Their work touches all the right areas: environmental, social, visual and practical! After personally watching my daughter financially struggle with her investment in her final year of fine art studies, despite our support, I realised others may not be so lucky. It is my hope that this award will nurture and support some of our brightest ceramicists in the years to come.”

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  • Pictured: Shelley Simpson with SSCP 2022 winner, Phaedra Davy.

  • Pictured: Phaedra Davy's winning entry.

What is the Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize?

The mission of the Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize (SSCP) is to support the next generation of Australian ceramicists. These artists may be working across functional, small scale, fine art, handcrafted or more complex commercial pursuits with ceramics.

For the first time this year, the annual prize is open to all Australian ceramics artists. Applications are now open until 30 November 2022, with the finalists being announced in early January 2023.

The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize to support their studies or further pursue their ceramics career, and a mentor-mentee relationship with Shelley Simpson to commence in 2023.

Mud Australia is committed to achieving a diverse community and strongly encourages First Nations peoples to apply.

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First Prize: $10,000

Second Prize: $2,000

Third Prize: $1,000

The first prize winner will be offered a mentor-mentee relationship with Shelley Simpson to commence in 2023.

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Winning the SSCP has given me a confidence boost and a sense of reassurance that I am on the right track. In winning the prize, I have been able to work with materials and purchase equipment that I previously couldn’t afford. This has allowed me to focus and refine what my work explores rather than having to worry about how to achieve a certain aesthetic without the right materials.
Isobel Carver, SSCP Winner 2021Recipient of 2021 Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize