A Generous Thanksgiving with Jessica Rankin

Jessica Rankin – artist – Harlem, NYC

Jessica moved to NYC as a teen with her family from Melbourne, Australia. Jessica’s family was never attracted to the mythology of the holiday but loved the idea of a day where almost everything stopped and people sat down to eat together. “I love the community of Thanksgiving – the way people get ushered in to share the day with each other, the generosity of cooking for others and the feeling of goodwill.” Like so many residents of NYC, Jessica’s Thanksgiving, is a true reflection of the international city she now calls home. Traditional Thanksgiving foods are complimented by Ethiopian and Korean dishes and even an Australian pavlova for dessert. When setting the table for the day Jessica mixes beautiful Mexican tablewares with platters and bowls painted by her father, the artist David Rankin.

It’s a lot of people- at least 16 adults and kids- but the happy chaos is a part of what makes it fun (especially for the kids who are usually bursting at the seams to see each other). Some of the family will fly across the country to be there and some drive from Pennsylvania but we will all be there together for at least 3 or 4 days.