As our days begin to lengthen and stretch into warmer evenings, and vibrant produce begins to pop – filling our plates with colour and flavour. Spring calls for a fresh take on our tables, so we felt a little spring dining inspiration was in order, with a focus on our dinner plate range.

The Bread Plate, for every occasion.

Our smallest plate, the Bread Plate has a flat, minimal shape making it the perfect side plate. Ideal to facilitate a cheese platter and garden crudités spread or to accompany our larger Dinner Plates.

The Salad Platethe perfect shape to nestle a slither of prosciutto, scoop of fresh ricotta and deliciously sweet fresh peas all drizzled with olive oil. The Salad Plate has a subtle lip to accommodate a salad dressing or saucy dessert.

The Dinner Plate, with a distinct rim to catch any juices or sauces – perfect for a garden picnic.

Pictured here, adorn with crunchy breakfast radishes, a curl of Pepe Saya butter and a sprinkle of sea salt.

The Flared Dinner Plate, our most generous and best selling style, sits perfectly with the Bread Plate and Flared bowls. It’s large enough to pass around the table – full of fruit for a casual and light dessert.