Behind The Piece — The Flared Bowl

Story: The Flared Bowl Collection

Designed: 1994 - present

Sizes: Salt Dish, Small, Medium, Cereal, Large, Extra Large

Colours: All 19 shades

The Flared Bowl was inspired by the first shape Shelley Simpson, our founder and creative director, created on a wheel in 1994. Refined and reimagined by Shelley to its current silhouette in 1999, this elegant and versatile piece is available in 6 sizes - from the Salt Dish (perfect for salt and condiments or even to store jewellery) to the Extra Large which is a beautiful sculptural piece, ideal for serving to a larger gathering.

Pictured: Shelley Simpson's first bowl, created in 1994.

Our bowls are highly versatile with almost endless combinations, serving your ever changing dining needs.

  • The Flared Bowl Medium is perfect for single serves of everything from fruit salad to regular salad. We also love it for soups and rice dishes - it’s that kind of bowl.

  • The Flared Bowl Cereal's higher flared profile was designed with hearty breakfasts in mind. We also think it’s terrific for noodles, curries and salads.

  • Salad for two. For smaller, casual dinners the Flared Bowl Large is perfect to use for a shared side dish.

  • The Flared Bowl Extra Large creates a lovely, contrasting vertical volume to a tablescape for larger gatherings.