Visual Essay 13 by Nic Gossage

For our 11th Visual Essay, we invited local Sydney photographer Nic Gossage to capture the lamp in its place of conception – our Marrickville studio where it is handmade using our signature slip casting method.

"The concept (behind this Visual Essay) was to show the craftsmanship, creative process and the artistry which is just as engaging as the final product. Photographing the lamp in the Mud Australia Studio amongst the molds and coming out of the kiln, to me was the best way to tell this story. I’m constantly looking to find ways to photograph structures in the most atmospheric light or what part of the day the structure photographs best."

How did you discover photography?

I’m originally from the Gold Coast and I’m a skateboarder that ended up breaking a wrist. As I couldn’t skate as my wrist was so sensitive to the bumps I had to find something else to do. My friends also surfed but I couldn’t go in the water with my cast so I sat on the beach with a very early digital camera that was 3x optical zoom and 3 megapixels! You can imagine the quality as my friends surfed right out the back. As soon as my cast came off I jumped in the water with GoPro’s first camera which was film. From here, I got addicted with what I could capture in the ocean, there was so much to explore and learn. As the years went by I saved up for my first SLR and underwater housing and got quite serious following friends around Australia and submitting my images to the magazines.

What do you love most about the medium?

I like exploration, adventure and constant learning which always keeps me curious.

Your work is very soft and beautifully lit - can you expand on the importance of this in your practice? Is there an intent?

I cut my teeth in a commercial photography studio working my way up from assistant to staff  photographer. I was mostly in the studio using flash and shooting a lot of food - as there was not really natural light in the studios I had to replicate natural light with flash as if the plate of food was next to a window. Overtime, if I am using flash I try my best to make it look as natural as possible as if it's naturally lit. There are a couple of images in this series that are shot with flash but mostly all natural light. I guess my intent for my work is to look natural and honest where possible.

Where do you call home? What do you love about your area?

My partner and I recently just moved from living next to Sydney CBD to the burbs in the south. We thought we would miss being so close to the city and restaurants but we got a lot more space out here not living in a tiny terrace. So far, it’s been great not to live in such a confined part next to the city and having breathing room for the mind. I can see the full sky out here without any obstructions!

Most influential artists and inspirations?

A lot of my friends and people in the creative industry here in Sydney & Australia are doing unreal work and too many to name! If I had to name one artist it would be the works of Josef Sudek who was an interior, still life and landscape photographer.