Joel Bennetts' Yellowfin Tuna Crudo

Recipe by Joel Bennetts

This fresh and zingy Tuna Crudo is the ultimate entree to your festive feast.

Serves 4


400g yellowfin tuna (sashimi grade)
1 lemon pith remove & finely sliced into discs
1 lime
1 ruby grapefruit
Olive oil
Sea salt
1 bunch of chives finely chopped
1 handful of picked dill leaves


Slice the tuna into 1⁄2 cm thick pieces.

With the leftover juices from the citrus fruits, combine with olive, salt and make a dressing.

Lay the tuna slices onto your plate then mix and match with the citrus colours and herbs to create your own style.

Top with the dressing, black pepper and more herbs.