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Thanksgiving Edit

Whether you are a traditionalist or planning a more modern affair, there is no better time than right now to plan your table settings for Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving edit celebrates coming together, sharing recipes and gratitude.

Use these statement silhouettes as centrepieces or serving pieces for Thanksgiving celebrations.

  • Pictured: Fish Platter Milk.

  • Pictured: Paris Platter in Milk.

Our handmade porcelain Dinnerware collection allows for ultimate customisation, through color, silhouette and the number of place settings.

  • Pictured: Salad Plate in Milk.

  • Pictured: Flared Dinner Plate in Pistachio, Pebble Bowl Cereal in Milk.

Our porcelain Bakeware collection is designed to be elegant and versatile, effortlessly transitioning from oven to table.

  • Pictured: Pie Dish in Milk.

  • Pictured: Flan Dish in Milk.

The devil's in the detail. These pieces will add refinement to the table.

  • Pictured: Hive Vase Medium in Milk.

  • Pictured: Tumbler Large.