Abounding — an installation by Chun Yin Rainbow Chan

Chun Yin Rainbow Chan is a vocalist, producer and multi-disciplinary artist who has built a reputation as one of the most innovative musicians in Australia. We asked Rainbow Chan to transform our Mud Australia stores into a visual and sensory experience to celebrate the year of the tiger.

Abounding conjures two important Chinese symbols—the colour red and the circle—which represent vitality, unity and harmony. I wanted to combine the old and the new by speaking to the elegant design of Mud products and reimagining Lunar New Year objects as a contemporary still life.

"The vibrant flowers and green foliage in the centre of the installation symbolise life and growth through adversity, a sentiment I’m sure we share after such challenging times. Like wheels turning, the paper rosettes represent abundance and moving forward towards new beginnings."

"Scattered amongst the installation are traditional sweets which make up the 攢盒 or “Tray of Togetherness”, a platter of snacks offered to visitors during Lunar New Year. The candied winter melon, lotus root, melon seeds and mandarins all have lucky sounding names, but I also adore their shapes and textures."

A guest soundtrack by Sydney based multi-disciplined artist Chun Yin Rainbow Chan. Focusing on, but not exclusive to, East Asian and South East Asian artists. The playlist is designed to accompany Rainbow’s Lunar New Year installation in Mud Australia stores.