Introducing Our New Wine Cup

Many cultures have a tradition of special event drinks in ceramics. Think Japan and sake, China and huangjiu, Mexico and mezcal, and then there was the Romans who drank their wine out of terracotta goblets.

For some time now we’ve been having an end of week tipple – wine and G&Ts – out of our latte cups and found that rather than detracting from the taste and experience, the tactile and thermal properties of porcelain made the experience very pleasant while also maintaining the temperature of the drink better than glass. With this in mind, our designer Shelley Simpson has created a new stemless Wine Cup that combines the fine edge of modern wine glasses with the Mud Australia coloured porcelain aesthetic that sits beautifully with our dinnerware or as a stand-alone piece. The Wine Cup is made to be finer than our normal tableware and should be treated with care – top-shelf dishwasher or handwash. Available in all 19 colours right now – in-store and online – and perfect as a gift for your favourite Mud Australia collector… or your own liquor cabinet.