Visual Essay 13 — Pam Morris & Dane Tashima

Pam Morris is a long-time friend of Mud Australia. The New York City-based prop stylist with a decade’s experience working in-house at Martha Stewart Living Magazine, now works independently across home, food, beauty and children

Recently, Pam collaborated with photographer Dane Tashima to create a captivating and whimsical Visual Essay celebrating Mother's Day.

What inspired this Visual Essay?

It was dreamy to be able to play with a bunch of Mud pieces and make some pretty pictures with Dane Tashima, who is a really talented photographer and frequent collaborator.

To prepare for this shoot I visited the new Mud Australia store in New York City's Nolita neighbourhood. At the shop I was inspired by the many beautiful blue shades of Mud porcelain.

When I prepare for shoots I love to work with specific colour palettes, layering tones of a single colour and different textures as well. For this shoot I wanted to bring in different shades and textures of blue and mix it with other rich tones.

Whenever I can I like to include beautiful bits of food, flowers and pieces of ephemera and art. I walked through the Farmer's Market, some food shops and bakeries and a beautiful flower and garden store called GRDN. While wandering I kept in mind the shapes and blue tones of Mud pieces I wanted to include.

You’re a Mum, how do you like to spend Mother’s Day?

On Mother’s Day I get breakfast in bed which I love! And usually a handmade card or two from my daughter and husband (James Gallagher, who is a collage artist).

What is your favourite thing to do with your daughter?

My daughter is a busy teenager so I really appreciate when we can get quiet time together like getting our nails done or chilling and watching a movie at home. I also like travelling with her and my family. We have been missing that and hope to plan some trips in the near future.

How did you discover styling?

I realised that styling was a job when I worked for the photo department of a magazine. I was an assistant and often had to deliver items to shoots and at one of them I met a Prop Stylist named Denise Canter. I was fascinated by her and her job and ended up assisting her eventually!

I learned the most about styling and visual ideas when I worked at Martha Stewart Living Magazine under Eric Pike and Ayesha Patel. It was a dream to work with so many kind and talented people and I love seeing my old Martha colleagues today!

Do you have any other creative outlets?

I love collecting ceramics and reading about and cooking food. I like yoga and trying other practices like sound baths, Korean scrubs and meditation.

Where do you call home?

I live in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Our street is kind of a quiet hidden spot in the city. We have sweet neighbours and beautiful light in our place. I live here with my family, parakeets and puppy.

It's energising to live in Brooklyn! Both my husband and I have been able to make creative lives here in Brooklyn and I love that my kids have grown up with a lot of diversity and creativity in their lives.

It's amazing to have easy access to incredible museums, neighbourhoods and stores here but to also live a bit outside of the busy city.

What are your go-to local spots?

We live between Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery. Both are beautiful and unique spots for a walk and to soak in some nature.

I love going to farmer's markets and the flower market in the city. Eataly is a great spot to pick up inspiring food for shoots!

For general shopping I love Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn - where the Mud Australia store is. It has favorite indie shops like Michele Varian, Layla, M. Patmos, the Primary Essentials.....and Clare V, Shen Beauty and Rachel Comey are around the corner near Blue Bottle coffee and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream.

What is your favourite Mud piece and colour?

My favourite and most used Mud piece is the Pebble Bowl - in all sizes! I like to use neutrals at home like Milk and Mist but I also really love Ink and Yellow for pops of colour.

About the photographer, Dane Tashima

Born and raised in Texas, and with stops along the way in Hawaii, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Dane and his little family are very happy to be back on the east coast.

He is currently learning to garden, to juggle, and he can presently play exactly three songs on the ukulele. (And he will buy you a drink if you can guess two of them).