Serving pieces for holiday feasts

Our handmade porcelain collection is designed to be elegant and versatile, effortlessly transitioning from oven to table.

Curate your holiday table menu by mixing your serving pieces with elegant neutral shades.

Below we share our favourite serving pieces for the 2022 holidays.

Pebble Bowl Large

The Pebble Bowl Large is a hardworking piece that can act as an oven-to-table roasting dish, salad bowl, or centerpiece for any occasion.

Pictured Pebble Bowl Large Wasabi.

Fish Platter

Our oval-shaped Fish Platter was designed to serve a medium size fish, but can also be used to present snacks, crudités or salads.

Pictured Fish Platter Yellow and Ash.

Nest Bowl Large

The Nest Bowl is a beautiful serving piece with an elegant wide rim. Perfect for presenting salads, sides or as your daily fruit bowl.

Pictured Nest Bowl Large Red.

Square Platter Small

The perfect addition to any table — ideal for serving butter or condiments.

Pictured Square Platter Small Orange.

Water Jug

Our Water Jug was specifically designed with a narrow opening to ensure sparkling water retains its fizz for as long as possible. Also transitions beautifully to a stand-alone sculptural piece or vase.

Pictured Water Jug Wasabi.

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