Thoughtful gifts for special people

If you’re searching for the perfect gift this festive season, you’ve come to the right place. Our expansive handmade porcelain collection offers versatile gifts of all kinds — from tokens of thanks to grand gestures.

Shop our festive gift guide for a selection of our favourite space-enhancing pieces - all chosen for function, form and practicality.

Wine Cup

Designed to enjoy every day. Perfect for morning juices, sparkling water, wine or cocktails.

Pictured Wine Cups in Red and Dust.

Charger Plate

This striking and lightweight plate can be used as a traditional charger, or as a multi-use serving platter.

Pictured Charger Plate in Duck Egg, Latte Cup in Dust.

Rice Bowl

A useful small bowl for entrees, side dishes and desserts.

Pictured Rice Bowl in Ash and Mist.

Bread Plates

A welcome addition to any dinner set. Ideal for bread, pastries or side dishes.

Pictured Bread Plates in Milk.

Latte Cups

For the morning brew. Add contrast to your coffee machine with a bold colour.

Pictured Latte Cups in Sand, Yellow and Blossom.

Paris Platter

Designed as a centerpiece for celebrations, our Paris Platter is a showstopper. Pair with a set of Flared Bowl Mediums to serve.

Pictured Paris Platter in Blue, Flared Bowl Medium in Dust.

Jugs & Carafes

Elegant and versatile, our jugs work beautifully as a stand-alone sculptural piece or vase in between shared drinks and meals.

Pictured Jug Small in Plum, Carafe Small in Bottle, Sake Jug in Ash, Water Jug in Milk.

Pebble Bowl Large

The all-rounder — use as a roasting dish, fruit bowl or salad bowl.

Pictured Pebble Bowl Large in Wasabi.

Candle Three & Four

Create a moment of tranquility. A sustainable solution to disposable glass candles, refillable after 80 hours of burn time.

Pictured Candle Three in Blossom and Candle Four in Mist.

Flared Bowl Extra Large

Designed to entertain, adding height and form to any tablescape.

Pictured Flared Bowl Extra Large in Pistachio.

Noodle Bowl Cereal

With an elegant rounded shape, our Noodle Bowl Cereal is perfect for noodle dishes, soup, curries and of course your morning cereal.

Pictured Water Jug in Citrus, Noodle Bowl Cereal in Milk.

Nest Bowl Large

Use as a sculptural centerpiece for shared dishes and salads. Pair with our Cheese Platter to create a dramatic effect.

Pictured Nest Bowl Large in Citrus, Cheese Platter in Ash.

Hive Vase

With a solid base and a slightly off-axis opening, our Hive Vase makes sculptural floral arrangements easy.

Pictured Hive Vase Large in Ash, Hive Vase Medium in Slate.

Tray Platter

A great presentation platter for any dish or snack. Also great to organise household items.

Pictured Tray Platter in Pistachio.

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