Setting the scene — intimate evenings to the big event

We believe that delicious food looks and tastes better on beautiful dinnerware.

Whatever the occasion, create the perfect table setting by combining pieces that reflect your style and complement the menu.

To help you get started, we have put together a guide that shares how we set the table.

Intimate table setting

Start by selecting your dinner plates to anchor your setting. Flared Dinner Plates hint at a more classic shape with a gradual curved edge — perfect for a formal setting. Salad Plates provide great versatility as a side plate for either entrees, salads or desserts.

The Square Platter Medium adds dimension to the table with its geometric shape — use for entrees, pastries or even as a contemporary dinner plate. Cutipol Cutlery and Linge Particulier Napkins come together to complete the table setting.

Pictured: Flared Dinner Plate Milk, Salad Plate Ash, Dinner Plate Milk, Square Platter Medium Milk, Strip Platter Dust, Linge Particulier Napkin White, Cutipol Goa Dinner Fork and Knife, Lobmeyr Crystal Glassware (available in-store only).

Small gathering

Lightweight with an elegant curved edge, the Charger Plate is an ideal centerpiece for any occasion. Our Salad Plates provide a practical option for dessert, perfectly holding coulis or pouring cream with its higher lip.

The Sake Jug is a versatile piece for the table — use as a small bud vase, for salad dressing or gravy. Linge Particulier Napkins and Cutipol Goa Dessert Spoons provide the finishing touch.

Pictured Charger Plate Sand, Salad Plate Citrus and Milk, Rice Bowl Ash, Linge Particulier Napkins White, Cutipol Goa Dessert Spoon, Sake Jug Wasabi.

The big event

Subtle Dinnerware gives rise to festive decorations. Our Dinner Plates provide a contemporary setting with its flat base and lip. Pair with Bread Plates for entrees or side dishes.

The Water Jug and Tumbler Small work beautifully as sculptural vessels, creating an overall balance and harmony across the table.

Pictured: Dinner Plate Dust, Bread Plate Milk, Water Jug Milk, Tumbler Small Green and Grey, Linge Particulier Napkin Grey, Mourne Placemat Cloud, Cutipol Goa Dinner Fork and Knife, Sake Jug Wasabi.